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Thu, Jan. 12th, 2006, 06:50 pm
sirkingarthur: Due to a lack of better thing to do

I just want to know about everyones opinions about the brutal hearings to appoint the new Supreme Court justice. Listening to right wing talk shows and witnessing these hearings on C-Span, I am appalled by these proceedings. I cannot believe that the democrats have gone so low. Making Alito's wife CRY? Using Guilt by association tactics, being associated with Princeton makes him bad because of an article he MAY OR MAY NOT have read? Please Note: Guilt by association was used to spread Communism and Nazism. Are democrats like Kennedy, Schumer and Finestein really reliable? They are morally wrong for what turmoil they are putting Alito through. Kennedy even read from a SCRIPT, he is a puppet. Ruth Bater Ginsberg didn't have to go through this crap in 1993, why does Alito have to now?

Could it be that the communist, whoops, that was a slip, I mean the democratic party, is asking most of the questions this time? Those who have been crying the loudest are hurting their party much worse than they are helping it. I predict a drastic change in the democratic party, a split or a formal condemnation of these people's actions. What do you think?

Fri, Jan. 13th, 2006 01:48 am (UTC)

I think the Democratic Party has been in decline since the GOP took the House in 1994. The only reason Bill Clinton was even elected in 1992 was because Ross Perot got 20% of the vote and took votes away from George H.W. Bush. Who knows, Clinton may have gotten elected in 1996, but had Perot not been the third-party candidate, Bush certainly would have won in 1992.

The Dems can't even be honest about who they are and what they stand for, because that would spell doom for them in national elections. They can't just come out and say that they're for higher taxes, for cutting and running from Iraq, for appeasing terrorists, for gutting the national defense in favor of social programs, for abortion on demand, and for keeping kids in failing schools to save their union donors. When Mondale ran against Reagan on a true liberal platform, he lost in a 49-state landslide. The Dems tried a liberal platform again in 1988, and Bush won 41 states over Dukakis. Now when Democrats run for president, they try to portray themselves as if they're just as conservative and hawkish as the Republican candidate.

As for Alito, I think that this proves that liberal policy is void of substance. Roberts and Alito ran rings around these senators in their answers. In the arena of ideas, liberals cannot compete with conservatism's best and brightest, and I invite them to keep acting just like they're acting. And to think, some Democrats actually think that they're going to take back the House in 08...