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Thu, Jan. 12th, 2006, 06:50 pm
sirkingarthur: Due to a lack of better thing to do

I just want to know about everyones opinions about the brutal hearings to appoint the new Supreme Court justice. Listening to right wing talk shows and witnessing these hearings on C-Span, I am appalled by these proceedings. I cannot believe that the democrats have gone so low. Making Alito's wife CRY? Using Guilt by association tactics, being associated with Princeton makes him bad because of an article he MAY OR MAY NOT have read? Please Note: Guilt by association was used to spread Communism and Nazism. Are democrats like Kennedy, Schumer and Finestein really reliable? They are morally wrong for what turmoil they are putting Alito through. Kennedy even read from a SCRIPT, he is a puppet. Ruth Bater Ginsberg didn't have to go through this crap in 1993, why does Alito have to now?

Could it be that the communist, whoops, that was a slip, I mean the democratic party, is asking most of the questions this time? Those who have been crying the loudest are hurting their party much worse than they are helping it. I predict a drastic change in the democratic party, a split or a formal condemnation of these people's actions. What do you think?

Thu, Feb. 2nd, 2006 05:10 am (UTC)

The real loser for the Democratic party is the tenacity with which they hold on to indefencable positions. Has anyone really stopped to listen to what these people are saying? They make the most insane right-winger seem normal.

Save the cows ....
Broccoli is human too ....
A fetus is not a human being ....
Socialism is an expression of the greatest human good....

I thought Kennedy was going to have an anurism during the hearings. Mass. must be a State full of angry people. They need to chill out or something. Or give Kennedy some valum before he opens his mouth.

I say we all band together and declare ourselves the rightful soverigns of Louisiana. We could then sue the United States and demand them to remove our current legislature and to enstate the true government (i.e. us).

Our first move would be to declare war on Mass., Maine, NY, and CA. There would be some serious Constitutional problems with these moves. However, I believe our resolve could eventually prevail.

Once we conqure those pesky states, we would then demand Tribute on all goods traveling along the Mississippi river.

We have the tobasco sause, okay?